Name: City Life Roleplay [0.3x]
Language: en
Mode: CL-RP v1.2.4
Map: CL-RP
Category: Roleplay / RL
Players: 0/100
Server Version: 0.3x
Extras: Web Panel
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Have You Been Searching Endlessly Across the SAMP Servers Looking for that Right One just for you? Can't Find the Server in which the Staff Dedicate themselves directly to helping you? Well we are the Solution to your Problem. 

City-Life Roleplay, The All new roleplay experience. Whether you're a new player of Roleplay, An experienced Player or even a whole new person to the SAMP Experience all together, City Life Roleplay is the place to be. Only at City Life Roleplay to we have enforced strict rules to give all the players the exact experience they're looking for. With our amazing number of staff, Hand picked by the most challenging interviews, We've got the perfect Team here at City Life Roleplay. We're the Step ahead of the game. We're the Unique experience you've been looking for. 

We're City Life Roleplay.

At City Life Roleplay, We Don't aim to be your every day Roleplay server. We aim to stick out. We aim to make your roleplay experience a unique one. This is accomplished with the amount of Diversity we have brought to the table. Whether you want to be a Gangster, A Police Man, Fire Man, You name it, We've got it. And If we don't? You just suggest it and we'll make it happen. Our Staff Members devote themselves in creating exactly what YOU want. We have the experience and skills acquired to make your experience personal to you. We have the capabilities to make anything happen. Your Ideas matter to us, You are the main focus of our server. Without you we are a pointless existence. So whether you want to Join a gang, Create a Faction or Family. We have the skills and time to develop your ideas. And if you have enough backing we will be certain to add them to the server. 

You can catch us In 3 Places. 

Our Amazingly done Server on the IP : SAMP.CL-RP.CO.UK:7834 

Our All New Website :

And Finally Our Team Speak : TS.CL-RP.CO.UK:11057